Herbal Oracle Healing with Tulsi

Tulsi is know as the Sacred Basil and has been used in Ayurveda, the ancient healing practice of India... Its one of the most sacred plants of India along side the Lotus flower. When it comes to herbal healing Tulsi is an ALL HEALER.  This immune booster can be used for broonchitis, cold and flu, fevers, and infections.  Tulsi is known for promoting better uptake of sugars witin the body so it can be given as adjunct therapy for diabetes.  It also lower cholesterol and BLOOD PRESSURE, it is used to prevent or treat GASTROINTESTINAL ISSUES. Experts are now giving Tulsi great recogniton for the treatment of CANCER, providing protection and support during ratiation therapy. 

This wonderful herb is famed for its connection with everything sacred. It is a sign to have faith in the unseen that guides your life. Let go of worry and strife. Know that all is well and all will work itself out in due time. Tulsi promotes energy that opens the mind to improve the qualites of light, perception, intelligence and harmony. Many use this herb to open the heart thus giving strength to the natural capacity for compassion and faith. 

This beautiful herb can guide us on finding a meaningful path by protecting us from unwatned influences, and clearing the aura to keep a strong connection to our individual paths this lifetime. Tulsi is a wink and a nod from the Divine to continue walking on the right path by keeping the Sacred in your daily. No worrying about the past and futre happenings, pains or struggle.

Be happy by staying mindful of each present moment allowing your vibrations to rise up,up,up....... turning your mundane into HOLY!!!!!