Black Cohosh is native to forests of the Eastern United States. Black Cohosh is a stately plant with knee high foliage and a long, thin stem holding the unicorn like raceme of flowers at eye-level. This plant is very, very magical especially useful for feminine reproductive conditions like PMS, childbirth, and post-partum recovery. Black Cohosh heals damage done to the feminine side of your being. No matter your gender this root represents the yin or feminine side, of your being. 

In divine healing  when you are drawn to BC some form of dark fog is shrouding an aspect of your life. You might feel like you are being suffocated. Your feminine side has been wonded and now is the time for healing. Through our feminine side we give birth to new projects, ideas or circumstances. Giving birth is indeed a painful process.

When pulled from the deck BC encourages to locate your wounds. Dig deeper if it's not immediately clear. Search your past and present relationships with the females in your life mainly your Mother or Mother figures.  The flower essences of BC is used for those caught in abusive relationships, addictions, or attachtments. If abuse is a present issue please seek professional help or the help of a Wise Woman or Shaman.

Many healers throughout history refer to BC as a Snake Medicine and is used to treat snake bites. In both cases, abuse and snake bites the damage or poison enters the sytem from an outside source symbolizing the kind of damge you are healing from.  This damage is severe or violent in orgin causing the kind of pain that hangs around for a long long time when not healed corrctly.

The snake and spine are symbolic of Kundalini energy... This is the force within all human that empowers our creativty. Snakes alos represent our reptilian nature, the insinctual part ofourselves that operates though fear and anger. This is not the time to run away from these feelings.  You must allow yourself to feel... Do  not run! When you feel this pain you are releasing it from your system. 

You are expriencing a deep magical healing. A divine healing that will affect your creative capacity to a large degree. Your instinctual nature is repaired, your intuition will become keener, allowing you to avoic future blows. In time the venom will releasing from your system.. Your cells will begin to dance. You DNA shifts into positivty. 

Black Cohosh encourges you to Hang in There... The UNIVERSE loves you unconditionally.. Ask The Creator to send you the energy you need to complete this healing process and walk into health, purity, light,creativity, love, abundance and happiness. 

The Teacher