NATURE IS GOD/Reconnecting to Innocence and Bliss #2

NATURE is GOD and SHE must be honored with the utmost respect. To turn away from HER, to enslave HER and to go as far to destroy HER is to destroy our souls and FOUR BODIES.  I am once again on the path of ANCIENT FEMALE WISDOMS, Dignity, and TRUE INTELLIGENCE.  The guidance I am now recieving and you might be recieving it also is truly Universal. 


TAKE some time to connect with MOTHER Nature. Go out and feel the sun, wind, or air against your skin. Nature wants to connect with you as much as you wish to connect with her. Mother Nature is working closely with you and me and we are being encourged to journal atthis time. Write down all of your dreams, and synchronistic events that occur.


As you take this journey into nature put your connections and expriences with Spirit into writing. Let your emotions and thoughts HOLD the highest frequency of who you are.. Letting you very DNA shift to release old patterens and vibrate with your original blue print of creation.  Mother is Love and love is all around us. 

Nature will show you how to love yourself, others, and every situation no matter what the outward apperances may be. In Nature you can change your life for the better. Being active in the outdoors is an excellent teaching tool to connect with Mother God. This is how you will be able to reclaim your FOUR BODIES and lead them into Angelic Virtues associated with the worlds of light thus living blissfuly daily.

To approach your FOUR BODIES you must be committed to have made a choice; to have made a decison; to walk Mother Wisdom, to serve Mother Wisdom, to Honor Mother as God, to finally LIVE in LOVE. 


Remember all of life as you sit upon MOTHER GODS BELLY. Relax....breath in....breath out....... perhaps with your back up against a wonderful Oak Tree.. Feel the tree, feel the ground if your sitting... Remember God the Mother and God the Father are natural in ALL humans.

True knowledge illuminates from within. It nourishes and pushes humans to look at the world with different perspectives and to act differently. 

REPEAT THE AFFIRMATIONS BELOW to become Blissful and to Reconnect with your Four Bodies (Mental, Physical, Spritual, Emotional)

I Am a Relaxed Detached and Grounded Individual!

  • I Am one with Nature!
  • I Am one with all Life!
  • I Honor Mother Nature!
  • I Respect Mother Nature!
  • I Resepct Myself!
  • I Honor and Resepct all Life!
  • I live in Integrity and Cohesive Power in all that I Do!
  • My Path is Illuminated in Mother Gods Limelight!
  • I Must be an Authenitc Human on Mother Earth
  • I Now Create a Life I Love to Look At!