Spiritual Recovery of the Lost Status of Innocence &Bliss #1


Our first parents (THE ADAM and EVE )created were innocent in matters material as well as spiritual. They knew no evil. But the faculity of choice, which was given to them and which raised them above the angels, also implied that they had the capacity of evil, which by the training of their own will, they where to reject. 

Our parents The Adam(ADAM) and Eve (THE EVENING STAR) were warned of the danger of not rejecting evil (negative energy) from self and others.  They realised the evil after they fell. However, they just like us are forgiven daily. We are given a new chance, in this life on this lower plane, to make a good and recover the lost staus of INNOCENCE AND BLISS.

Remember that we were created "bare and alone". The soul in its naked purity and beauty. It knew no SHAME, because it knew no guilt, after the soul was touched by GUILT and solied by EVIL, these thoughts and deeds became the souls clothing, of good and bad. 

However, natural creation bestowed upon us, clothing to cover our shame, as well as to be an adornment for us:). To attian daily bliss we must make and keep the clothing of postive energy and righteousness.. This is the best WAY. 

Meditation is an essential means of recovering the status of innocence and bliss. This is a mind without suffering, through gaining wisdom, cultivating postive practices and maintaing a mind free of negative emotions.  I deeply encourage starting a meditation practice. Five times a day quietly pause and take "A MEDITATION BREAK". 

You can make everything you do a meditation. Walking, dancing, working, singing in the shower etc.........  Tradtional sitting with legs crossed is not necessary but.... you are more than welcome to use this practice:)

Choose one of the Affirmations to repeat 10x during these MEDITATION BREAKS...  ( if you can always wash your hands, your face, and rinse out your mouth before meditations.  This will remove any negative or unwanted energy and germs...)

1. I Am releasing limiting beliefs and patterns!

2. Life is enternal and filled with joy!

3. I see with love!

4. I listen with love!

5. I hear with love!

6. Truth and love are my guiding principles!

7. I embrace a greater depth of love!

8. I embrace Love!

9. My conversation is always full of grace and love! 

10. I live in LOVE!!